Delta 17 is an Atlanta United Supporters' Group that was established in 2017 by avid soccer fans that wanted an environment where they could feel empowered to be themselves while making a difference. The main goal of Delta 17 is to use the strengths of each member and give them opportunities to help the city of Atlanta in many ways.  We will establish relationships with the community and work with charities that embrace diversity and inclusion.

         The name Delta 17 derives from two very important aspects of the organization. The Delta symbol, in mathematics stands for, "difference" or "transformation"; we believe that everything, combined together in small increments, essentially makes things flourish and grow organically into their full potential. Atlanta United FC took a simple idea in the beginning and developed that idea into the team we see today; Delta 17 wants to do the same. The second part of the name, the number 17 is in recognition of the roster number that was retired by the Atlanta United front office. Atlanta United made an effort to embrace its fans even further by giving the number 17 to the city’s fans. Since Delta 17 is made up of Atlanta United fans, we felt honored by that gesture. Having a place on the team's roster gives the fans a sense of ownership and at Delta 17; we want our members to feel that same way.

What do we mean by, "BE THE DIFFERENCE?"

Delta 17 provides opportunities for its members to make a difference in the community. Members will be in the front lines with Delta 17 giving back to the communities that need assistance. Members will have the ability to express their opinions on ways that Delta 17 can bring a possitive change to Atlanta. Delta 17 founders wanted to be able to provide that for the city of Atlanta, and with the help of Delta 17 members the transition will be huge.

Delta 17 embodies 5 simple words that form D.E.L.T.A.:
  • Diversity
  • Equality
  • Love
  • Tolerance 
  • Acceptance

Join us and help Delta 17 be the positive change that Atlanta needs.