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Delta 17 membership

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 Exclusive Delta 17 T-shirt

 Limited edition Delta 17 Scarf

 Discount at Big Sky Bar in Buckhead

 Access to all Delta 17 events 

 Discount on Delta 17 soccer tournament

 Great road trips with us around the league.

 Special away game viewings parties

Big Sky in Buckhead will be the offical Delta 17 Game Watch location. We are excited for a partnership that will benefit Delta 17 members and Big Sky's customers. Our next game watch will be on Saturday, April 22nd at 9:30PM, in Salt Lake City.

Josef Martinez
Atlanta United secured the perminant transfer of Forward Josef Martinez. Martinez currently leads the MLS in goals.
Delta 17 Donation Drives

As a way to help our communities in the Atlanta area, Delta 17 is going to start accepting lightly used soccer gear. Anything that you may want to donate would be greatly appreciated. Delta 17 will be giving out whatever is donated to underprivileged schools in different areas all over Atlanta. We will update everyone on future donation events; however, in the meantime we will have drop off locations where you may drop off any donations that you may have. Thank you for helping us be the difference.
Donation Drop-off addresses
  • - 808 Willivee Dr Atlanta, GA 30033
  • - 1403 Druid Valley Dr Apt D
         Atlanta Ga 30329

Miguel Almirón
Meet one of Atlanta's young stars, Miguel Almirón.